Makeup Art Solution Inc is a young, energetic company in Los Angeles, United States, established in 2017. We have multi-brands Such as Ultramo® Cosmetics, which getting more and more popular and recognized in United States and Mexico. Makeup Art Solution continues focuing on the latest design and manufacture about cosmetic products across the North American countries.

Ultramo® Cosmetics

Ultramo® Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetics brand that regionally recognized by many customers in Mexico. Customers choose Ultramo® Cosmetics is not only the reasonable prices, but also the high standard of the producing quality to guarantee the safety for our customers to use in daily life. Ultramo® Cosmetics has more than over 2000 types of products that cover the full-range of cosmetic and skin care.

Business oppotunities and wholesales

Over 500 Retailers and Wholesales across Mexico cooperate with Ultramo® Cosmetics for building up the win-win business. Ultramo® Cosmetics offers different types of business cooperation which you can choose the best suitable option for you to establish your own business online or physical stores. For more business oppotunies, please email us at